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Sound decisions require insight and intelligence.

AL provides the products and services you need to hire, retain, and advance the top talent.

Assessment Leaders (AL) provides a wide range of best-in-class assessment products to help you discover the untapped potential in your job candidates and employees.

But that’s not all. AL also offers background checks, skills testing, and eLearning solutions, as well as specialized services for retail and consulting companies. AL can even provide custom solutions to help you maximize your investment and create a truly exceptional workforce.

It’s easy to get started. Put AL to work for you today!

Assessments for all stages in the employee career cycle

With assessment solutions covering all areas of the career cycle, you can identify, solve and prevent common pitfalls surrounding hiring, training, teamwork, sales, promotion and well-being. Get started immediately with fast, effective, and validated assessment solutions that fit both your process and your budget.

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